Monday, March 27, 2006

LIFESPAN DVD Coming from Mondo Macabro

Mark Tuesday, May 30th on your calendars... that's the release date for LIFESPAN starring Klaus Kinski from Mondo Macabro! Though there isn't much info there, you can pre-order the title from Amazon (and support The Kinski Files in the process) by clicking the link above.

LIFESPAN was made in 1974 and co-written, produced and directed by Alexander Whitelaw. The box art on the MM website touts this as a "Uncut Special Edition." The only version I have is the PG rated Vestron Video VHS from 1986 which states an 85 minute running time.

I picked the tape up during last summer's excursion to Butler, PA for the Monster Bash Film Convention but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I'll certainly be doing so soon in order to compare it to the DVD when it comes out.

Here's the synopsis from the box: "A Drug That Will Cheat Death. Klaus Kinski Would Kill For It. Walk a tightrope of award-winning suspense as KLAUS KINSKI (FITZCARRALDO, CRAWLSPACE) turns a search for an immortality drug into a deperate race against time.

In this fast-paced chiller, Kinski plays Nicholas Ulrich, a weathly industrialist obsessed with selfishly using this life rejuvenating drug for his own personal benefit. But his plans are threatened by a young American scientist whose own investigation has uncovered several cases of horrific, inhuman experimentation. Now Ulrich must battle the young scientist to keep the elixir of life to himself. The search for eternal life may end in an early death!

A LIFESPAN that goes on forever -- what would you do for it?"

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