Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Post-Vacation Report

Even when I'm on vacation I'm always looking, seeking and searching for Klaus, Klaus and more Klaus.

I just returned from a week of sun and fun in Naples, Florida where I purchased an el cheapo DVD of FIVE FOR HELL from a perplexed-looking kid wearing a knit cap on an 85 degree day. It can't look any worse than the bargain basement copy of CIRCUS OF FEAR I watched a couple weeks ago but I will report soon. I'm always concerned when he's the only name mentioned on the cover and they bill him as "Klaus Kinsky."

Sadly, Steve Spielberg was not at his Naples vacation compound (unless he's taken to driving an 1987 Le Sabre with West Virginia plates) so I could not ask him if he really offered Klaus a role in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK or if Klaus was just blowing smoke.

"Steven Spielberg wants me to do RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and someone brings the script from Hollywood to Paris. But as much as I think that Spielberg is the best director America has to offer, the screenplay is the same tired old shit."

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