Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ten Favorite Eurotrash Flicks

I usually hate magazines and web sites that fill up their pages with Top Ten lists because they're usually such meaningless drivel decided on by committee. But over at the great Eurotrash Paradise group the subject of Top Ten Eurotrash flicks came up and lots of folks have been posting their faves. It's a fun topic to consider, especially as flicks such as DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE (aka CEMETERY MAN), which some folks have mentioned on their list, arrive on DVD.

Though a list like this is susceptible to change with every new viewing (who knew how much I'd enjoy CIRCUS OF FEAR or PANIC BEATS?), this is what I've got right now (in no particular order)...

1) NOSFERATU: Not just my favorite Herzog/Kinski flick, but the first Kinski flick I ever saw.
2) THE GREAT SILENCE: I'm no Spaghetti Western fan, but this is a standout with Kinski stealing the flick as a vicious, vicious villain.
3) HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE: Maybe the definitive Eurotrash movie. Naschy stars as a vengeful, lovesick hunchback who hooks up with an evil scientist.
4) THE BEYOND: As much as I love other stuff from Fulci, I really consider this his masterpiece.
5) TENEBRAE: Argento at his "paint the screen red" finest.
6) NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES: My all-time fave DAWN OF THE DEAD rip-off. I think it's brilliant but many hate it.
7) DEMONS: Still remember seeing this in the theater and being blown away.
8) RETURN OF THE EVIL DEAD: The second of the Blind Dead flicks, it just nudges out the first and fourth entries in the series.
9) HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB: More kitchen sink cinema from the mind of Naschy.
10) CANNIBAL FEROX: Crazoid jungle gut-munching with a brain-pounding soundtrack.

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