Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Getting Nostalgic with Klaus

Considering that I regularly trawl eBay for Kinski-related items -- and I'll be showcasing a few new finds in the days to come -- it's always a treat when somebody hands me something that I've never seen before.

A couple weeks ago, a group of friends were in town for the annual FANEX convention of films and fun. Though I never made it to the dealer room due to our kitchen renovation, a busy workload and our impending vacation, Eurotrash Paradise founder and former publisher of the late, great VIDEOOZE known simply as "The Wolfman" handed me the magazine pictured when I sat down one afternoon for a quick beer.

NOSTALGIA Hors Serie No. 1 is a 56-page black and white magazine that unites the great Klaus Kinski and daughter Nastassia, if only through their respective filmographes. Naturally, more than 3/4 of the publication is devoted to Klaus's lengthy career, complete with credits, ad materials, and several pages of black and white still photos reproduced on glossy stock.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is in French so I'll either be hiring a translating service or doing a LOT of typing into a French-to-English translator to get the gist of the text.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a Japanese paperback book which was chock-full of colour photos of Klaus and Nastassia? I saw it about 20 years ago in the Forbidden Planet bookshop in London. Sadly I didn't buy it and haven't seen it since.

Dan said...

That rings a bell but I've never gotten my hands on a copy.