Friday, November 24, 2006

Kinski as Nosferatu Resin Kit on eBay

This one's a bit too rich for my blood (opening bid is $199.00) but it's a striking resin model kit based on Kinski's portrayal of Nosferatu. As the seller says:

KLAUS KINSKI NOSFERATU - PRO PAINTED RARE RESIN MODEL - Yes, there have been an awful lot of model figures produced of cinema's original bloodsucker from 1922, but almost none based on the 1979 remake of "Nosferatu."

Offered here is one of the few exceptions: This is Klaus Kinski as the nocturnal fiend, fangs, fingernails and all.

The kit was released four years ago by Daymare and Nightmare as a limited edition resin model of only 40 castings. This one is #14 (numbered on the underside of the base) in the obscure edition, being offered here professionally painted, ready to display.

Designed by the late Richard Palanik (who also sculpted the base accompanying the figure), in tribute to Werner Herzog's retelling, the kit truly captures the creepiness of the character, as well as the mood of the film. The figure was sculpted by the ample talents of Joe Laudati, who does a fine job recreating Kinski's vampire visage in miniature, with a dead-on likeness to the actor in make-up. It's a 1/6 scale piece, measuring 13" tall x 7" wide x 7" deep, including the skull-littered, graveyard base. This one has been lovingly painted in slick layers of airbrushed fleshtones of bluish white, then finished off with tightly rendered facial details. The figure is securely pegged to its display base, but not permanently glued, allowing for safer shipping to its new crypt.

Long sold out, this rare resin model might never see light of day again. So, If nocturnal nasties turn you on, this blood's for you!

Check it out here.

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