Saturday, May 05, 2007

TKKF Will Return Soon!

For those of you who thought that I'd been swallowed up, never to return and post about Klaus, fear not. The last month or so has been quite hectic. We're expecting a new addition to the household in a few weeks (35 days, in fact, if she arrives on schedule) and we've been moving, painting, sanding, carpeting, installing and renovating like crazy.

That said I'm now ensconced in my comfy and sweet new office and even spent some time yesterday hanging the soundtracks for NOSFERATU and FITZCARRALDO over the day bed. (That's the hard-to-find original RE-ANIMATOR soundtrack in the middle. Though its days are numbered since I tracked down another Klaus soundtrack LP to put in there.)

Anyway, lots of good stuff to come including many Klaus reviews and images of my ever-growing Kinski collection.

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