Thursday, January 10, 2008

Am I Man Enough for the 100 Kinski Challenge?

Friends laughed when I told them that this year was, for me, The Year of Klaus.

"What does that make other years?," several of them asked, pointing to my frequent chatter about the German Olivier, stacks of posters, DVDs, magazine and books, and constant trawling of eBay for groovy Klaus-abilia.

And you know what? They were right. It seems like every year I approach my fascination with, appreciation for, and, yeah, downright love of all things Klaus in the same sorta haphazard fashion.

But not 2008. The gauntlet has been thrown down in the form of The 100 Kinski Challenge. The quest to watch no less than one-hundred films featuring the brilliant, irascible star of such wide-ranging vehicles as SLAUGHTER HOTEL, THE INN ON THE RIVER, DEATH SMILES AT MURDER, THE FIGHTING FISTS OF SHANGHAI JOE and NOSFERATU, just to name a few.

So follow along with me here at The Klaus Kinski Files, your one-stop shop for all things Klaus. I'll be listing the films in the nav bar to the right as I watch them and posting reviews along the way.

Who knows? Maybe you'll even feel compelled to join in the fun.

Are you man/woman enough for the 100 Kinski Challenge? You've got 356 more days to find out!

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