Thursday, May 22, 2008

Recent Acquisitions

Been a little slow here lately. Blame my recent trip to Seattle and some client projects that have kept me from adding much in the way of reviews. That hasn't kept me from picking up some cool stuff on eBay, though.

I've recently become very fond of Belgian theatrical posters thanks to their smaller-than-normal size and relative affordability. Check out these recent additions to Kasa Kinski...

I'm not a huge fan of FITZCARRALDO, though I am looking forward to checking out BURDEN OF DREAMS one of these days. I do love this artwork, though, and also have the soundtrack LP with the same image.

Don't believe the poster. Kinski's role in HIS NAME WAS KING is strictly that of a supporting character.

Great artwork with John Garko (as Sartana) and Kinski – as the wonderfully-named bounty hunter Hot Dead – on opposite sides of the poster. The two stars and THE GREAT SILENCE's Frank Wolf do their best to elevate I AM SARTANA, YOUR ANGEL OF DEATH (or YOUR GRAVEDIGGER) to the level of, say, THE PRICE OF DEATH, but it just ain't happening.

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Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Hi, being from Belgium it is great to see that you are getting fond of Belgian movie posters! Unfortunately like so many great things they are not being made any more! The printers have long gone and today in Belgian cinema's we get the dull American versions of the posters! Great time gone by! I remember as a kind looking at some of these great posters for film I was not allowed in and dreaming up stories what the movie could be about! Great memories! I hope that my blogspot regarding Marisa Mell will be as good as yours regaring Klaus Kinski! They worked together as you know in their Edgar Wallace time! LOL