Friday, January 30, 2009

Ruthless Four Pressbook: Part 1

I picked up a pressbook for the excellent spaghetti western THE RUTHLESS FOUR on eBay a few weeks back. While I'm not a huge spags fan, this one – also sometimes seen on video as SAM COOPER'S GOLD – can be recommended without hesitation.

A SIERRA MADRE-esque tale of suspicion and greed, the film follows Van Heflin, Gilbert Roland, George Hilton and Kinski as they make their way to a gold mine that Cooper (Heflin) has mined... but cannot lug back by himself. The quartet forms an uneasy alliance with Roland playing a former associate of Heflin's who harbors a long-brewing hatred for him and Hilton (the film's one sour note) hamming it up as Manolo, a handsome young man who is like a son to Cooper. Kinski is outstanding and memorable as Brent the Blond, Manolo's domineering, milk drinking lover.

I'll be posting some scans from the pressbook that you might enjoy. Here's an ad for flick to get things started...

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