Monday, October 19, 2009

Kinski Name Checked on HBO's BORED TO DEATH

Thanks to the so-so reviews I haven't checked out HBO's BORED TO DEATH yet. Sure, I like the stars (Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, Ted Danson) and the pacing and comic structure sounds very Wes Anderson-esque but it has never quite made it onto my watch list.

But based on the e-mail I received this morning from good pal and Exploitation Retrospect co-founder Lou Goncey, maybe it should...
Do you have HBO? There's a show on there called Bored To Death starring Jason Schwartzman. It's an OK show, not great, but I still watch it. Last night's episode had Ted Danson (a regular) sitting with a male escort (don't ask). He's talking with the escort about how his therapist told him to experiment with the same sex in order to get in touch with his femine side (It's that kinda show). The escort all of the sudden says forget the labels man, you should read Klaus Kinski's autobiography. Ted Danson replies, "you mean Werner Herzog's muse?". It came out of left field, and I thought you should know about it.
Thanks Gonster! Along with Ethan Hawke's character Jesse reading All I Need is Love (which Lou famously reviewed before it was pulled from the shelves back in our print zine days) on a train at the beginning of Richard Linklater's BEFORE SUNRISE and Anthony Bourdain dropping Klaus' name during a recent episode of NO RESERVATIONS, this ranks as one of the oddest, most unexpected Klaus mentions in recent time!


The Left Coast Nose said...

Thank heavens for your post!! I was losing my mind trying to figure out where I had heard of KK's autobiography and couldn't remember!! I can only find "All I Need Is Love" on Amazon for ruinous coin, but at least I have something to troll for in used book stores.

You are a force for good in the world. Keep it up.

Dan said...

Thanks Rita... I sincerely appreciate your comment! BTW, keep your eyes peeled for the Kinski book at library sales. A buddy of mine found a very dinged up ex-lib copy for a couple bucks one day.