Friday, January 08, 2010

Draculand Talks EL CONDE DRACULA

Another day, another new blog to read. Good pal Neil Vokes just tipped me to Draculand, a blog devoted to "All things related Dracula or loosely connected to this great and unique icon!". Naturally, my interest was piqued given Klaus Kinski's participation in Dracula-related cinema, namely NOSFERATU, NOSFERATU IN VENICE and Jess Franco's EL CONDE DRACULA, a recent topic at the blog. Check it out for a long analysis and recap of the flick complete with screen captures and descriptions of how the film deviates from Bram Stoker's source novel.

The site also reproduces a variety of great posters for the flick, my favorite of which is shown at right. The poster artist(s) definitely tried to take advantage of Kinski's popular portrayal of Nosferatu!

I've definitely changed my opinion on Franco's somewhat faithful adaptation over the years. Originally screened on an old Republic VHS that must have had subliminal messages encoded on it, I gave the flick an enthusiastic thumbs up, even going so far as to call it "moody and successful".

When Dark Sky released EL CONDE DRACULA on DVD back in 2008 I eagerly dove in hoping that the improved presentation would only enhance my enjoyment of the flick. Unfortunately those hopes were dashed and I wrote in my full review:
I’m disappointed that Franco’s ambitious but ultimately unsuccessful adaptation of the Stoker novel didn’t live up to my memory. Though moody and carried by a couple memorable performances, EL CONDE DRACULA has to be considered a failure due to one of the least memorable endings in vampire film history, a Dracula that ends up being surprisingly easy to dispatch, stretches that strain interest not to mention credibility, and a lack of interaction from the best actors involved with the project.
Definitely worth checking out for Kinski's memorable, moving performance but don't go in expecting the definitive Dracula adaptation.


the great congo said...

A little reward for all your good work

Scott Salsman said...

Hey, man, what's up? I recently found a trailer for Satan der Rache on YouTube and was entranced. I haven't stopped thinking about it, but I have no idea where to buy it! I can only assume you own it in some form, yeah? Any pointers for me? Thanks.

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Dan said...

Scott: Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you but I've been swamped. I'm pretty sure I got my copy from Craig Ledbetter over at European Trash Cinema. You might also try Xploited and Dibolik DVD.

Scott Salsman said...

I certainly understand being swamped! I have been, too. Thanks a lot for the tips! Been craving some good horror/westerns.

escola said...

muito legal!

Radu Prisacaru said...

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Mandra said...

Hi Dan! Thank you very much for the review to Draculand and my most sincere congratulations on your brilliant Blog, The Klaus Kinski Files.

Best Regards.

Gor Mandra