Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calling All Kinski Fans: Jesus Christ Saviour on DVD

Back in May I posted that those lucky ducks in Montreal were getting the chance to see Peter Guyer's long-awaited documentary KLAUS KINSKI - JESUS CHRIST SAVIOUR on the big screen.

Though I'd still love to see this look at Klaus Kinski's infamous 1971 performance in front of a Berlin audience on the big screen, the folks at Diabolik DVD now have the import DVD (PAL Region 2) available for purchase.

Check out this look at a Berlin crowd ostensibly attending a reading of the irascible actor/poet's Jesus Christus Erlöser, only to have the evening erupt into anger and amazement.


thomas said...

hi, i'm writing from germany here: you can probably also just go to the german website of amazon ( if you have an account, it shouldn't be a problem to import the dvd from there. it's probably a lot cheaper. it definitely has english subtitles and as far as i remember it's even region code free (i can check exactly tomorrow, if you wish).

Dan said...

Thanks Thomas, I'll have to check that out. Have been away so I did not have the chance to order.