Monday, January 26, 2009

K2 Co-Star Ernie Borgnine Honored on TCM

Turner Classic Movies will be honoring legendary actor Ernest Borgnine tonight, January 26, with an exclusive episode of 'Private Screenings' hosted by Robert Osborne. They'll also be screening some Borgnine flicks, though I'm guessing two of my favorites – CODENAME: WILDGEESE co-starring Klaus Kinski and the awesome Eurotrash actioner THE LAST MATCH – will not be included on the list.

Borgnine – who made headlines a few months back by suggesting frequent masturbation was the secret to his vitality at the ripe young age of 91 – has so far been immune to my request for an interview for the Kinski book, or at least his people have been. I can't imagine a guy who would dish about his solo sex habits on national TV would be embarrassed about his days as a Eurotrash stalwart rubbing elbows with K2 and Henry Silva.

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