Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kinski-Inspired Fumetti Cover

I never knew what the heck a fumetti was until a few years ago when my buddy Curt Purcell introduced me to the term.

I suppose the simplest way to describe them is "Italian comic books" but these ain't like the "comic books" you and I probably grew up with.

Nope, instead of caped heroes rescuing damsels in distress and masked vigilantes seeking justice for the FILL IN THE BLANK killing their FILL IN THE BLANK, the fumetti I've seen reside largely in "not safe for work" territory.

Monsters. Big-breasted damsels. Revenge tales. Graphic sex. Hunchbacks who give birth out their ass. Um, yeah, this ain't exactly Mighty Marvel.

So while I was over perusing Curt's awesome Groovy Age of Horror blog the other day what did I stumble upon but the image shown at right... with a vampire definitely "inspired" by our boy Klaus Kinski!

Unfortunately, they don't carry the resemblance over to the inside panels, but damn, that's some wicked cool artwork and I'd love to find a copy of that issue or – even better – the original art used for the cover.

But until then I'll always have this Groovy Age blog post to drool over.

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