Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Year Another Eurotrash World, er, Gathering

Another year, another gathering of The Eurotrash Paradise under my belt. Actually, it's more like over my belt as it seems like we ate and drank and ate and drank our way through four days of fun, friends, movies, buying and more. Unfortunately, these weekends are too short and infrequent, but what are you going to do?

Also unofficially dubbed Christmas in August (nobody owns that, do they?), these gatherings are a great time to exchange movies, posters, books, mags and more with friends you know will appreciate them. This year I made out like a bandit and my weekend haul of Kinski-specific items (gifts and purchases) included:
  • A YEAR OF FEAR by Bryan Senn: this terrific new book is just what the title suggests. Senn offers up 366 horror films, one for each day, that somehow ties in to an event from that day. March 25th – the anniversary of the discovery of Titan, Saturn's moon – features the 1984 Kinski flick CREATURE. Bryan and I don't always see eye-to-eye (he prefers snooty Eurobrews, soccer and LAKE PLACID while I dig American swill, pro football and FRIDAY THE 13TH) but his writing is always engaging and entertaining, and he never pulls his punches.
  • TARGET FOR KILLING: I've never seen this 1966 Eurospy flick featuring Stewart Granger and Kinski, but it now sits on my shelf awaiting a viewing.
  • The latest issues of FILM COMMENT which features a four page article on Kinski by Maitland McDonagh.
  • And not one, not two but three new Klaus Kinski movie posters (SCHIZOID, VENOM and the BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT/CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND double bill) plus an awesome window card for WEB OF THE SPIDER featuring Kinski as Edgar Allan Poe with a moustache that can only be defined as "whispy".

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