Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NOSSY IN VENICE Day 1: Turkish Poster

Expect a number of NOSFERATU IN VENICE posts over the next few days. At The Eurotrash Paradise we have a monthly feature called The Twisted Video Book Club or TVBC for short, in which a member picks a Eurotrash flick for discussion. November is my month and in memory of the anniversary of Kinski's death (coming up in 10 days) we'll be discussing NOSFERATU IN VENICE.

I'm really looking forward to watching this one again. My first viewing of this, Kinski's penultimate film, was via a 837th generation Greek VHS that barely got a grade of "watchable". Recently, though, I upgraded to a copy of the widescreen Japanese laserdisc which features English dubbing and (supposedly) more gore than other prints that have surfaced.

To get you warmed up for some NOSSY IN VENICE talk here's a look at what I believe is a Turkish one-sheet for the flick. Here it's retitled DRACULA and there's an obvious bikini top painted on the one-time topless chick on the left.

More to come tomorrow, so stay tuned!


doc phnoeker said...

this is not the turkish, it's the pakistani poster of the film!!

Dan said...

Thanks for the correction! I have no idea why I wrote "Turkish" since I knew darn well thus was Pakistani... only thing I can think is that I'd bought a bunch of K2 Turkish posters around that time and had Turkey on the brain.

Mmmmmm, Turkey.