Sunday, September 21, 2008


The last eight weeks have been totally crazy. Between work and a two-week vacation I haven't had much time to watch any Kinski flicks or even catch up on the final two episodes of the third season of THE VENTURE BROS., the hysterical Adult Swim cartoon parodying everything from super heroes and JONNY QUEST to SIX-MILLION DOLLAR MAN and much more.

So, it was with some raised eyebrows that I went into last night's viewing of the first part of the VENTURE BROS. season finale. My pal Wolfie had intimated that our good friend Klaus was somehow related to the episode, a fact I found almost beyond belief.

Until Brock Sampson's sometimes galpal Molotov Cocktease mentioned that three assassins had been dispatched to eliminate the Venture family's longtime bodyguard, including Herr Trigger, a blonde German with a curious sexual fascination with his weaponry.

Check out these screen captures from the episode and tell me what you think... is Herr Trigger inspired by the one and only German Olivier???

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NoVA Dad said...

I think if there were a shot of him exploding at the director for no apparent reason, we would know for sure!