Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cinebeats Names Klaus a Top 10 Character!

I read a bunch of movie-related blogs... Tomb It May Concern, Damaged 2.0, Groovy Age of Horror, Hammer & Beyond, SlashFilm, Cinema Suicide... the list goes on. Another one of my faves is Cinebeats, self-described as "one woman's love affair with '60s and '70s era cinema". Publisher Kim Lindbergs is a terrific writer and her passion for the wild cinema and the people who made it comes through in each and every post.

Kim's also a card-carrying Klaus Kinski fan so she totally gets additional kudos in my book. Curt Purcell of Groovy Age recently tipped me to a Cinebeats post that I somehow missed. Titled '10 Characters I Love' it's exactly that... Kim's list of her 10 favorite film characters.

Populating the list are such iconic performances as Terence Stamp in THE COLLECTOR, Eli Wallach as Tuco in THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY and Delphine Seyrig as Countess Bathory in DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS.

But coming in at #10 is our very own Klaus Kinski as, well, Klaus Kinski in Werner Herzog's documentary about his tempestuous star, MY BEST FIEND.

Naturally, the list has my head spinning about not just my 10 favorite characters but also my 10 favorite Kinski characters. Look for my lists soon!


Cinebeats said...

Thanks for the shout out, Dan and I'm glad you enjoyed the list I compiled! It was done rather quickly and when I found myself debating which Kinski performance to add to the list I couldn't think of any that were as compelling as the man himself.

Cinebeats said...

On a side note, you've encouraged me to polish up an old piece I wrote about stalking Klaus Kinski during his last months on earth. I'll try and share it soon!

Dan said...

Would love to read that when you do finish it! And I know what you mean about finding one Kinski performance. I'm working on a Top 10 Characters list for the ER blog and singling out one K2 role is too tough... he gets his own list!